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I dedicate this blog to all my peers out there who is learning VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) with in motive to learn more and more about VoIP technologies and share it with you all. Initially I wanted to name my blog specific to Cisco Voice but I feel that will not be a good idea so have name it VOIPChamp. although I am not a VOIP champ but name it as champ. You must be thinking then why so the main motive and focus is first I want to be champion in voice over IP and more importantly not specific to cisco voice /collaboration or Avaya but in all prospect I want to be a champion in voice and share my knowledge to make other champion in voice over internet protocol.

So, if am not a voice champ then who I'm writing this blog? so I am the guy started my career by learning and working with  TDM technology (time division multiplex) and that was more specific to Avaya TDM slowing I moved and gain experience in Avaya IP Telephony and Contact Center at Bank of America and finally decided to focus on voice over ip technology and that time I had thought just to learn IP telephony and took my next jump in career to join Royal of Bank Scotland , there I start working with Cisco IP Telephony and Avaya Contact Center and then move to British Telecom there I gain more knowledge and depth understanding of Cisco IP Telephony and Cisco Contact Centre. You know what was the main point of all these and my career path? yes it obviously the internet and the blogs from there I have learn everything without a single class or coaching so the time has come to make a difference by giving back in simpler manner so this is best way I can share my knowledge with you all and I am pretty sure that I would be able to put articles on VOIP technology in very very simple and easiest way so that I can make a difference among others.

Happy Knowledge Sharing to all : )

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